Dynaflex (DNX) | Powerball Sports Pro - Hand Grip Strengthener Wrist Forearm Exerciser

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The Powerball Sports Pro is an entry level model, ideal for anyone looking to obtain a great arm workout!

  • The Powerball is perfect for rehab, strengthening, toning, and exercise.
  • The Powerball strengthens your grip, and is an effective forearm and wrist exerciser
  • The Powerball Sports Pro gyro uses resistance force to generate up to 35 pounds of torque and 13,500 RPM 
  •  Ideal workout for anyone looking to improve dexterity, strength, coordination and accelerate healing time.
  • The Powerball Sports Pro Gyro is packaged with the gyro and starter cord that activates the internal rotation creating a powerful resistance.
  • Used broadly by Rock Climbers everywhere!

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